Nova Scotia Residential Dwelling Year of Construction

The interactive Nova Scotia Dwelling Year of Construction map was created using Residential Dwelling Characteristics dataset provided by the Property Valuation Services Corporation. The interactive web map is powered by Carto and Google Street View Image API.

Property Valuation Services Corporation is mandated under the Nova Scotia Assessment Act to assess every property in Nova Scotia, one of the variables that is collected is year of construction.

The Google Street View Image API allows the user to view the property based on best available Street View imagery when clicking on an address point.

An animated map was also created using Torque to help explore the spatio temporal growth of residential dwelling development in Nova Scotia, from the first year of constuction in the dataset 1469 to 2017.

A special shout out to Eric Rapaport who made me aware of the data and provided inspiration for the maps through his own work.

Residential Dwelling Age - Categorized by Year of Construction

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Residential Dwelling Year of Construction - Animated by Year of Construction