Toronto 3D Zoning By-Law Map

Interactive Toronto 3D Zoning By-law map was created by combining datasets from the City of Toronto Open Data website. The interactive map is powered by Mapbox.

The building footprint, elevation and attribute data were sourced from the following datasets:

  • 3D Massing: The 3D Massing datasets provides a spatial representation of building footprints and the building height (EleZ attribute). Additional attributes from the other datasets were joined to this layer using a spatial join.
  • Address Points: A spatial join was used to associate property addresses to the building footprints.
  • Zoning By-Law: A spatial join was used to associate a land use zone category to the building footprints.

Land-Use Zone colors were generally matched to the City of Toronto Zoning By-Law Maps. In both cases, the map base layer is provided by the service that was used.

The data and maps went through a number of drafts and experiments using Carto before creating the final 3D Zoning By-law map using Mapbox GL.

Thank you for your interest in my 3D Zoning By-Law map! However, it has come to my attention that there were a number of issues with how I was categorizing and displaying the Zoning By-Law Open Data that was incorrect and misleading. A version of the map will still be available here for reference purposes only.

While I will not be remaking or fixing the "full screen" version, I am very excited to point you to RATIO.CITY!

3D Zoning By-Law Mapbox GL (2016)

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