I am a GIS Specialist and part time instructor at the Ryerson Chang School where I teach a web mapping course, based out of Downtown Toronto, Canada.

I have always been drawn to maps and geovisualizations due to their ability to communicate complex information and data to a range of audiences, from members of the public to decision makers. Really I am driven by a passion to communicate ideas and information visually, and to tell stories with data through the use of good design.

I believe good design is important as data visualizations typically focus on telling a particular narrative for a particular audience. The art of captivating a larger audience relies heavily on presenting the data visualization in a beautiful and engaging manner.

I started out in urban planning and saw the power of GIS in evidence based research and decision making. Over time I have seen the power of maps as communication and engagement tools, and I enjoy exploring interesting ways to present and allow various audiences to view and interact with data and information.